West Bend Youth Football Orginization

2024 Flag Football Registration




Thank you for registering with the West Bend Youth Football Organization's Flag football program. We are excited to continue the league for 3rd and 4th graders and welcome 1st and 2nd graders. 


The purpose of this league is to generate interest in football at an early age, which hopefully will carry over to their interest in tackle football at the later grade levels.


Our goal is to teach the players the basics of football while fully emphasizing the entertainment aspect of the sport. As we enter our 7th year, year 3 was cancelled due to Covid 19 - we continue to learn from the past and we plan to continue to make this an exciting experience for the young kids. 


The WBYFO has a structured plan set up and can answer any questions you may have regarding the 2024 season. You can reach me at the link below if I have not answered any questions outlined in this registration.


  • Our practices for this league will be 2 days a week during part of August, September and part of October that will coincide with our tackle football programs times, 5:45pm - 7:00pm and be held on Tues and Thursday's.


  • Teams are consisted of 10 players maximum


  • We are hoping for 60 players, but are able to proceed with less.


  • If we are strong on 1 side or another in regards to school district residency – we will combine all of the players into 1 pool and not have a West / East specific team


  • Games would be on the Saturdays of our Tackle games and played at the West Bend High school.


  • Starting times – would be TBD – based on number of teams – But we are looking at a 9:45 start and run 1 hr and 15 minutes total per game.


  • The organization will supply the equipment except for cleats.


  • There will be no helmets worn..


  • Teams will be drafted after the 1st 2 practices by the head coaches and then coaches will blindly select their teams. This prevents stock piling a team with all the better players.


  • We are looking for 2-3 coaches per team - Moms, Dads or older siblings (16 and over)  are great to make this happen..


  • Parents are the coaches


  • Guidance for practice structure will come from the WBYFO



Please direct questions to:

Chuck Beimborn - wbyfopre@att.net

Chuck Beimborn

WBYFO President

Phone: 2626890283